Salmon-A-Rama 2016 : July 9th - 17th.

♫ 2016 Live Entertainment schedule (Free to the public) ♫
  • ►Fri July 8th Pat McCurdy: 8:30pm - 10:30pm
  • ►Sat July 9th SAR Fish Boil: 4pm - 7:30pm
  • ►Sat July 9th Koltrane (Country/Rock): 7pm - 11pm
  • ►Sun July 10th Family Day 1:30pm - 5pm
  • ►Tues July 12th Open Mic w/Mark Paffrath: 7pm - 10:30pm
  • ►Wed July 13th Karaoke by Shooting Star: 7pm - 10:30pm
  • ►Thurs July 14th Identity Crisis (Modern Rock): 6:30pm - 10pm
  • ►Fri July 15th Smelt Fry all-you-can-eat $12: 4pm - 7:30pm
  • ►Fri July 15th Elvis: 4pm - 7pm
  • ►Fri July 15th Katz Sass (Blues/Rock): 7:30pm - 11pm
  • ►Sat July 16th Chicken Dinner: 4pm - 7:30pm
  • ►Sat July 16th Bobby Friss (Classic Rock): 7:30pm - 11pm
  • ►Sun July 17th Awards & Raffle: 1pm - ??
Big Al's Fish Flash Reward
Attention: Salmon-A-Rama Participants

This year, four (4) lucky winners will earn extra cash if their winning fish is caught on a Mag Lip plug, a Spin-n-glo or rod rigged with a Big Al's Fish Flash AND the biggest fish caught on either combination during the Salmon-A-Rama tournament.

The largest fish caught using Big Al's Fish Flash will receive $250.
The largest fish caught on a Mag Lip will receive $250.
The largest fish caught on a Spin-n-glo will receive $250.
The largest fish caught using a Big Al's Fish Flash AND either a Mag Lip or a Spin-n-glo will receive $250.

To be eligible to win cash from SALMON-A-RAMA/Yakima Bait your fish must be caught using Fish Flash, Spin-n-glo, or Mag Lip, and include a photograph of the angler, fish, and lure, which needs to be submitted/emailed to: within 24 hours of being caught. All pictures and entries must be received by 11:00 A.M. July 17th in order to win. All photographs become property of SALMON-A-RAMA and Yakima Bait.

An equal number of Fish Flash and Mag Lip lures will be distributed amongst all (SAR) weigh-in stations around Lake Michigan and distributed to anglers signing up to fish in the 2016 SALMON-A-RAMA tournament. The free lures are available on a first-come/first-serve basis with a limited supply of product available, so buy your tickets early to receive free product.

  • Fish must be caught on Mag Lip, Spin-n-glo or while using a Big Al’s Fish Flash. (Big Al’s Fish Flash/Mag Lip/Spin-n-glo must be attached to the line the fish is caught on.)
  • Fish must be declared an eligible Fish Flash/Mag Lip/Spin-n-glo fish at weigh-in time.
  • A photo of the fish still attached to the Big Al’s Fish Flash/Mag Lip/Spin-nglo must be submitted within 24 hours of being weighed in. (No exceptions)
  • Photo to be submitted by e-mail to
  • Photo’s will become property of Big Al’s Fish Flash big fish contest committee. To be used for advertisement purposes.
  • Angler who catches the fish must have purchased a 2016 SALMON-A-RAMA ticket to qualify.
  • Winner’s will be declared at awards ceremony.
  • Winner’s are subject to polygraph test at discretion of the SALMON-A-RAMA Committee.
  • SALMON-A-RAMA committee will have the final say on all winners, at there discretion.
2016 Event Changes
  • Perch division entries will no longer be restricted to daily totals, it will be the length of the 5 longest perch entered over the course of the tournament.
  • Two In A Boat will be split into two tickets with separate $250 big fish payouts, one for boats 24' and over, and another for boats less than 24'
  • Salmon-Slam (Pick 5) has been discontinued this year
  • Super-Slam (Top Ten) daily weigh-in limit is being reduced to 5
No Boat? No Problem!

Charter Boat Fishing has been a large part of Salmon-A-Rama for years.

Charter Fishing is a great way for you to experience fishing from a boat with a group of friends during Racine’s very own Salmon-A-Rama. Fishing on a charter allows you the off shore fishing in a laid back atmosphere. Salmon-A-Rama has many Preferred Charters representing various locations on Lake Michigan. Check out all of our Preferred Charters and book your trip for 2015.

Charters during Salmon-A-Rama fill up fast, so reserve yours early.

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Previous Issues:
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2016 Reefpoint Marina Discounts!
Reefpoint Marina

Reefpoint Marina is offering slip discounts to SALMON-A-RAMA contestants.

If a contestant is staying less than 9 days during the tournament dates the standard transient rates apply

Reefpoint Marina is offering 9 day packages. This includes checking in on Friday July 8th and checking out on Sunday July 17th by 12 pm.
(If an extra night is needed before or after these set dates, then full price transient rates will be applied)

9 Day Tournament Rates:
  • 30' and under $250.00 + Tax
  • 31'-35' $300.00 + Tax
  • 36'-40' $350.00 + Tax
  • 41'+ $400.00 + Tax
  • Fish Cleaning Station
  • Floating Docks
  • Showers/Restrooms
  • Security
  • Deli
  • Internet and more!

Credit cards are required for reservations and a $25 fee per transient key will be charged to the card on file if not returned promptly upon check out.

Past Events
Salmon-A-Rama Has Moved!

Salmon-a-Rama has moved from the 5th St. Boat launch in Racine to #2 Christopher Columbus Causeway!
Yes we have outgrown our area and now are calling Reef Point Marina our new home. We will be located just east of the Administrative Building / Reef Point Brew House Restaurant in the parking lot.

Some excitement you can expect is an action packed entertainment lineup, larger area to enjoy yourself in our 100’ x 40’ Tent and not to mention the new menu items!!! Stay tuned or just come on down.

Reef Point Marina, Racine County, and the Owner Operators of the Reef Point Brew House have welcomed Salmon Unlimited / Salmon-a-Rama with open arms and have been more than accommodating. We have re-introduced the “Racine Trolley” into this year’s event to allow for easier transportation from parking structures and downtown. You'll notice a little more pizazz down on the grounds with our Wind Flags, Big Fish, and of course the generous sponsor banners.

Another welcoming fact for this year is the 2hr parking in the Marina for boats to come weigh their fish, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy what we offer at the lakefront. All we ask is you respect the residents in the Marina, adhere to the rules, and of course be sure to return your Salmon-a-Rama dock cart back to the appropriate location when your finished cleaning your fish.

Korducki For The Win

Andrew J Korducki
topped the 2013 Offshore Grand Prize leaderboard with his 28.57lb Chinook early in the week, holding off the competition all the way to the end.

Dustin Groh of the Conbunie placed second later in the week with a 27.46lb Chinook.
Vandenplas Nets The Prize In 2012

Brian Vandenplas of the Jenny V secured his spot at the top of the Offshore Grand Prize leaderboard when he brought in his 22.37lb Chinook on the last Saturday of the contest, knocking David Slayton and his 20.99lb Lake Trout from the spot he had managed to hold for the majority of the contest
Who You Call'n Little?

Samantha Boettcher (then 12) Took home the Offshore Grand Prize in 2011 with a 24.8lb Chinook she battled for half an hour Monday night (July 11th) proving she's not just hang'in with the big boys, she has a thing or two she can show em as well!
World Record Brown Wins SAR 2010
news image
news image news image news image news image news image news image news image news image news image

Friday morning (July 16th '10); Roger Hellen was one of the first in line when our Weigh-In station opened it's doors. The fish he wanted us to weigh? A 41lb (8oz) brown trout! This fish beat the current world record catch of 41lb (7oz) caught last September on a river in Michigan. Salmon-A-Rama would like to congratulate Roger and his crew on this fantastic world record catch!

Click here to view the whole story.
Salmon Unlimited Wisconsin

Salmon Unlimited Wisconsin; a Racine based organization dedicated to the betterment of Lake Michigan, it's fishing, tributaries, and shoreline, took over the day to day operations of the tournament and activities in 2010.
We are dedicated to keeping Salmon-A-Rama the largest and best freshwater fishing tournament in the world! If you have comments or suggestions you feel can help us in achieving this goal feel free to drop us a line by sending email to

Contests Within Contests!
Grand Prize Fish

Opening weekend we will be hosting the Super Sweepstakes and Two In A Boat tournaments! Get your tickets and mark your calendars to take part in these fun one-day events!

  • Sat July 9th : Super Sweepstakes
  • Sun July 10th : Two on a Boat

This year the Super Sweepstakes is part of the 2012 Southwest Lake Michigan Salmon Challenge Series! View the Brochure here